Our Services

Internet Service

INETCOM offers reliable internet connectivity via fiber optic, microwave and/or VSAT last mile physical customer connectivity technologies. We maintain a guaranteed service (five nines) at all times. We have flexible internet service packages for both business and domestic use. 

IP Transit – High-capacity direct on ramp to the internet for partner carriers, WISPs and cloud service providers. We offer and maintain extensive peering relationships to major global carriers and access providers to ensure traffic reaches its intended destination quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated Internet – We provide consistent, high-performance service to either connect to remote locations, access the internet and cloud networking services or improve day-to-day collaboration that businesses require. Monitor network performance, track real-time statistics, and view service status and billing.

Broadband – INETCOM also offers shared internet service as an always-on data connection from end user to the internet. This service is for smaller locations and remote users and can be used as primary connectivity or as an ideal backup solution. Flexible interface types – xDSL, Microwave / Wireless and EoC.

Wide Area Network Services

MPLS – INETCOM provides site/branch connectivity for its business clients as well as partner carriers. We leverage on partnerships and relationships with overs 50 regional access suppliers to allow you to easily and quickly extend to new sites as required. Take advantage of high-performance connectivity across your business locations with INETCOM MPLS, backed by end-to-end SLAs for guaranteed performance.

VPLS – Directly connect or peer with multiple carrier or service providers using our highly redundant and available virtual private line services or simply extend your network across multiple locations and maintain full control over traffic routing. Gain detailed insight into your network performance, track real-time statistics, and view service status through our INETCOM BssEther portal. Support both IP and non-IP traffic.

SD-WAN – Transform your WAN with dynamic network traffic management. INETCOM offers a wide range of access options to simplify integration of new site/locations and bandwidth in a cost-effective way. We leverage on partnership with Tier 1 IP backbone providers and cloud providers to connect our customers around the globe. We continuously optimize traffic in real time, by routing traffic over the best available WAN circuit.

Transport and Infrastructure.

Bandwidth-intensive services and applications are core to global business. INETCOM’s suite of Transport and Infrastructure services provides highly scalable bandwidth and low-latency connectivity, enabling seamless transport of high-volume data and cloud based applications between financial markets, data centers and business hubs around the world.

Wavelengths РINETCOM continuous to innovate in network service provider market. We offer wavelength services over DWDM terrestrial fiber at speeds of 1G, 10G and 100G. Both service options are available with OTN, SDH/SONNET or Ethernet interfaces. We also support native wavelength (virtual fiber and spectrum services), as well as other common data center protocols. Carriers, ISPs, web scales and enterprises can leverage our managed wavelengths to scale up their networks as bandwidth requirements grow, synchronize and manipulate big data, and support other content-rich network transport requirements.

Dark Fiber – For customers seeking maximum capacity, security and control, INETCOM builds and operates a comprehensive set of services around terrestrial and over aerial grid pylon dark fiber available across towns in West Africa. Dark Fiber network offering includes dense metropolitan fiber footprints, multiple intercity routes and pan-continental subsea connectivity, allowing you to connect as your demand dictates.

Managed Data Center and Cloud Connect Services.

Enjoy the benefits of our high-performance monitoring and managed infrastructure service – secure hosting, fast access, on demand availability – without the extensive setup and maintenance costs. Connect across our high-capacity backbone from your business centers to data centers and internet exchange centers around the globe. Connect securely to private and leading public cloud service providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Oracle, Google etc.).